Our friends

We are fond of our friends. They support the Kitchen with some amazing things: viable seeds, biological herbs, powerful food processors, green fingers and beautiful magazines. That is why we want to put our friends in the limelight here.

  • Ton Vreeken of Vreeken’s zaden – Ton Vreeken, seed specialist and publicist, is the director of the family business from Dordrecht, which has been a household name in the horticultural world since 1926. Ton donated the seeds for the special vegetables we use in our urban kitchen garden.
  • Peter Bauwens of De Nieuwe Tuin – Renowned grower and author Peter Bauwens experiments with special edible plants in his nursery De Nieuwe Tuin in Belgium. Peter has already written several inspiring books on gardening. Peter gave us seeds for special types of lettuce which we grow in wine crates. Most of the edible flowers we grow also come from Peter’s nursery.
  • Magimix – We at the Kitchen love Magimix! This French brand has been synonymous with top quality from more than 40 years. As inventors of what we now call the ‘multifunctional food processor’, Magimix knows exactly what real foodies want and need to prepare meals. Magimix has made its best machines available to the Kitchen, enabling us to prepare our seasonal vegetables perfectly. Try them yourself to discover the magic of Magimix!
  • Frank and Monique Radders of Puur Aroma Kruiden – Frank and Monique Radders put Puur Aroma Kruiden on the map within a few short years. Their brand is now loved by both gardening enthusiasts and (star) chefs alike, both in the Netherlands and Belgium. Their herbs are free of pesticides, LED lighting, fertilizer and are not genetically modified. A large part of the herbs in our urban kitchen garden have been donated by Frank and Monique.
  • Vegetarian Living Magazine – This British magazine was first published in September 2010 and Greendelicious has been a huge fan since the start! In the Netherlands, the magazine is available at larger supermarkets and well-stocked bookstores. VL Magazine is a great source of inspiration every month, both with regard to vegetarian cooking and green living. Our culinary friend and vegetarian chef Rachel Demuth (of the Vegetarian Cookery School in Bath) has her own column in the magazine. VL Magazine donated a magazine subscription to the Kitchen, to give guests the opportunity to leaf through this beautiful magazine.