Historical location

The Greendelicious Kitchen is located in a monumental bulb shed, the Bollenschuur, in Voorschoten. A unique location with a lot of history. The bulb shed dates from 1920, and was used to store flower bulbs until the early eighties. After this, the building was used for habitation and then used for storage by De Groot nurseries.

In days gone by, the characteristic blue tram would run past the bulb shed. In 2013, Machiel Vlieland bought the building from the Voorschoten municipality, to start a garden store. The building had been put up for sale under the condition that the new owner would use it for a purpose befitting the surrounding area. The hothouses behind the shed were demolished in the spring of 2014. Thise created room for nature and recreation, as part of the municipal projects Duin, Horst & Weide and Duivenvoordecorridor.

The bulb shed, which was renamed De Bollenschuur by the new owners, was radically renovated and restored to its former glory. There are four businesses: Extravert (garden store and garden design), Insideout Luxury (sculptures and objects d’art) and The Manor (interior & design) on the ground floor and first floor, and The Greendelicious Kitchen (cooking atelier) on the second floor. Machiel Vlieland created a landscaped garden around De Bollenschuur, with room for the urban kitchen gardenĀ of the cooking atelier.