Our philosophy

Culinary writer and urban farmer Natascha Boudewijn opened the Greendelicious Kitchen to offer people an inspiring environment to learn how to prepare meals with seasonal vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, and without meat or fish. 

Healthy and tasty
Boudewijn: “In our busy world, more and more people are searching for quality of life. Good and healthy food are high on the wish list: We no longer eat what the supermarkets dictate. We want to know where our food comes from and how it has been grown or produced.”

Seasonal produce
Boudewijn: “Because our supermarkets offer many types of vegetables and herbs all year round, many people don’t know what the typical seasonal vegetables and herbs are. In the Greendelicious Kitchen, we find our inspiration in cuisines which have always focused a lot on seasonal produce, such as the Mediterranean countries. We also grow special vegetables and herbs all year round in our own small city allotment, the urban kitchen garden, with lots of edible flowers in the summer. We want to inspire visitors to get growing at home, whatever the season.”

Unnecessarily complicated
Growing your own food doesn’t need to be difficult, says Boudewijn: “Having your own allotment is seen as something unnecessarily complicated, by some. They talk about pH values of the soil, how deep you should dig when turning over the earth. Pests, such as snails and aphids, can also dishearten people. A garden needs at least three years rest from pesticides to become pest-free. Unwanted garden invaders can also be kept away by combining certain plants. If you persevere, you will notice that the garden will become a harmonious entity in time. And of course, sometimes a crop fails, but with a few choice tips and tricks, you can accomplish a great deal. That is what the Greendelicious Kitchen can teach you.”